Today, we had time to set up our classrooms. I say classroombecause we are all floating which I don’t love though I don’t mind. There’s always a mischievous part of me that wants to go to the District Office and tell one of the administrators that s/he needs to work in a different office for the 2 hours in the middle of the day. At least, our Principal was kind enough to make it so that I have one morning room, a break, and then one afternoon room. I can’t stand rushing between classes, especially when it’s. . . too darn hot.

The air conditioning is not working. When we do turn it on, a puddle forms in the cafeteria. I’m told sea turtles have been spotted. This is not the first time I’ve had an opening of school like this, but it’s just so draining. It’s hard to do much when everyone is just so wiped out. There are two parts about this that get to me —

  1. If this were a white, suburban school, this would not be happening. My urban school in Baltimore would close mid-day when it became too hot, which is, at least, something.
  2. The start of the school year did not come out of the blue. There are enough surprises in life, in a school year. The start of the school year is not one of them. The a/c should have been ready.

We still have a week or so before 100+ teenagers join us. All of these fans are not going to do the trick. Our windows do not open. Here’s hoping.