I wanted to write about something positive. One of my students showed up today exhausted – not sleepy, but worn out. When I asked him what was up, he said he’d biked to school because he’d missed the bus. He knew we were testing today and wanted to try to earn some points towards graduation.

So, let me unpack that. He planned to come to school on a Friday – not a thing to be taken for granted at our school. He missed the bus and didn’t turn around and go home. He rode his bike to school because he was aware enough to understand how the point system worked for standardized tests.

Now you can’t measure any of that on standardized tests. Or on a report card. But the resilience and awareness he demonstrated today are, to my mind, quite impressive. Now if you knew him, you wouldn’t be too surprised by his actions, but that doesn’t mean they should be overlooked – which is something we do (focus on the negative, take the positive for granted).

How do we teach the skills he showed today? Where did he learn them? How do we measure them? How do we report out on them?