Yesterday, driving back from a family trip, I got texts and pictures from a student. She has been beaten, badly, by her father. This is the 3rd time. She’s gone to the emergency room and talked with the police. She is safe at her mother’s house.

Today, another text arrives. A student from last year, now at another school, her mother is brain dead. She shot herself. On Facebook Live. At the very least, some of our students know her. I’m sure will know about what happened and some will have seen it once we return from break.

Do you know the  ACE Study? Our students’ scores would be off the charts. The question now is – what to do? How do we teach students who have experienced so many traumas? What support can we offer them? I’m sure we’ll do the usual parade of “Send in the counselors!” For a day. But there’s something larger happening here. And even though I am not sure what we can do, I think a pause is required – both to discuss how we can help the students and how we can support the teachers. This, in one week, in one year, is a lot. We cannot just pass it by.