After a long time of debating the question, I am finally living it. My school goes year-round. We start in late July. We have 10 weeks with students, then 2 weeks off. (The students get three weeks off.) Do I like it? Absolutely. I’m on break right now. As long as this year-round business does not become too popular, the airlines & hotels won’t catch on. And I’ve never been very good at summers. I get restless.

Is it better for our students? Mostly, I think so. The summer becomes shorter. Our students were not in the habit of pursuing enrichment opportunities. And they tended not to have the support for it, neither at home nor school. We do try to match students with opportunities, but the dates (our summer break & the dates for the summer programs) are sometimes not aligned. So does the city need to shift all schools to year-round? What will be the tipping point that will prompt those who offer programs and jobs to adjust to our dates?

A few updates

I’ve been told that I’ve made enough noise about the student-athlete eligibility issues and that I should give the wheels some time to spin. Okay. I’m giving it until October 21. October 22 is Homecoming.


So, the teachers voted against the Tentative Agreement. It lost by 100 votes. Then, though they had no reason to vote, the Board voted it down, too. It seemed like a petulant move. What’s next? I think I was supposed to fill out a survey indicating my priorities for the next round of negotiations. Other schools, those in session now, got visits from Union reps. Our Union leader, with predictable (which is not to say inaccurate) hyperbole wrote that if we do go on strike, it’s likely to be a long one. Joy.