My school was founded with a social justice theme. We made some progress with it our first two years, particularly in the urgent and all-too-relevant (for our students) area of police-community relations. Thanks to the Cleveland Police Department, the ALCU and other local organizations, we have able to help students understand their rights as well as to bring a more human face to the tensions that exist currently. In fact, we were, thanks to the efforts of our councilman, able to secure funding to bring one officer to a conference in San Antonio to discuss our work. We’ve been asked to present again at the NAME conference here in Cleveland in November (

This year, our Principal asked us to re-dedicate ourselves to teaching for social justice. To this end, I organized what I hope is the first in a series of forums on social justice. If I was talented enough, I’d post pictures. In addition to the Cleveland Police Department and the ACLU, we had representatives from the Neighborhood Leadership Institute and Bloom Bakery.


The conversation went well. The work continues. Next: Hough.