I always try to keep a bookmark in at least one book related to education. I’ve just started Courageous Conversations about Race by Glenn Singleton and Curtis Linton. I think teachers can’t stay stagnant. There is always more to learn. There are always ways to do better. Some of my favorites. . .


This book, by the hyper-energetic and extremely prolific Jeffrey Wilhelm, was the first book that showed me the middle ground between focusing on standards and being creative.


This one, though it seems a bit sentimental now, really charged me up about the urgency of teaching, and teaching in the city in particular.


We pay a lot of attention to boys of color. And with good reason. Let’s not forget about the girls.


I am a white guy who teaches in the ‘hood.’ I like the mix of philosophical and practical here.


I admit that I started this one a few times before finally pushing my way through it. The sentences and their syntax can be dense. But it’s so worth it. The ideas will change you.


Just a riveting history of the profession. There really is nothing new under the sun.

What are your favorite education books? Do you have time to read them? To keep up in your subject area? What is the worst or most disappointing education-related book you’ve read? If you were to write one, what would its subject be? Have you ever read a book as a department or as a faculty? What was that experience like?