There will be more to say on this topic, I am sure. I have been on the administrative side of this. I know how hard it can be to plan. What do teachers want during this time? We want time to work in our rooms (and the supplies to do so, but more on that later). We want the basics. We want our rosters, our schedule, etc.. We want the copier, the fridge, the bathrooms and the internet to work. We want to meet everyone, but please limit the ice breakers. We want some vision and clarity. Are there particular goals? Points of focus? We want the calendar for the year. We want to know the schedule for the first week or so while everything is getting sorted out. We want a key to our classroom.

We don’t want to be overloaded with initiatives. We don’t want speeches from people we are never going to see again. We want the air conditioning to work. We don’t want to do silly paperwork, and we want time to do the required silly paperwork, even if that means going off campus to a district office.

Teachers: In terms of that first week before school starts, what are your stories? What do you want? What do you not want?