I think Open Houses are one of those things we do at school because we’ve always done them. I’m not sure anyone knows why anymore or has a good sense of what they are supposed to accomplish. Our first one of the year starts in about two minutes. (I’m at a year-round school – more on this in another post.) I only knew about it because I saw a post on Facebook. I’m not sure if families have been called or received letters or emails. So far, I’ve seen two students. We are in a new building, so it’s probably a good idea to open it up to students and their families so they can see the new space. We don’t really have an agenda or even any instructions. So, my door is open. My room is clean and organized. It definitely needs more stuff on the walls, but that will come in time (and with money). Three teachers were recognized for their room set-up (not me). I have never been a very talented bulletin board person. Any guesses about how many people will actually show up?

Teachers – Does your school run a good Open House? Tell me about it.

Parents – What do you want out of an Open House?

Teachers – How much money, how much of your own money, do you spend getting your classroom ready for the new school year?

Teachers – What are some traditions that schools need to re-think?